Nikon Professional Services


As a professional photographer, your needs are different to the amateur or hobbyist. That’s why we’ve created Nikon Professional Services. When you become a member of Nikon Professional Services you gain exclusive access to the ultimate in professional support and service at our service centres in Australia and across the globe.


  • nps-benefits-1Equipment repairs on a priority basis
  • nps-benefits-2Support at major news and sporting events
  • nps-benefits-3Loan service for emergency use (subject to availability)
  • nps-benefits-4Technical support and advice
  • nps-benefits-5Free on the spot image sensor cleaning for registered equipment
  • nps-benefits-6Invitations to new product launches, seminars and events
  • nps-benefits-7The latest news on Nikon product via email

To become a member of Nikon Professional Services now, simply click the link here! If you are already a member please login to access all areas of the website, and enjoy the benefits of NPS membership.


Become a member of Nikon Professional Services today, it’s FREE

Nikon Professional Services is a special service designed exclusively to answer the needs of full time professional photographers and membership is 100% free.

To qualify for membership, you must be:

1. A full time professional photographer who either:

  1. owns a registered photographic company, or
  2. is employed in a registered company, or
  3. works as freelance photographer

2. You must own 2 or more professional camera bodies, D3 Series, D700, D2 Series, D300s, D300, plus 3 or more professional Nikkor lenses.

And your equipment must be purchased through a Nikon Australia authorised reseller.

Here’s how easy it is to apply

  1. Gather together the support documents you’ll need to complete your application. The checklist is on the right.
  2. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button in the upper right corner
  3. Printout your application and post it, along with copy of your support documents to:

Nikon Australia Pty Ltd
NPS Department
Locked Bag 2055
Lidcombe NSW 1825

Each application will be processed on an individual basis. Then, after this information has been verified and approved, you'll receive your NPS membership card with all its privileges.

Required Support Documents

Individual Membership – for freelance and studio photographers

  1. Photocopy of Drivers License and/or Passport
  2. Photocopy of ABN Registration Certificate
  3. Business card or Company ID card
  4. Employment confirmation letter printed on a company letterhead (if applicable)
  5. Industry Membership (ie AIPP / ACMP) (if applicable)
  6. Advertising material, tear off sheets, website or CD portfolio
  7. Copies of proof of purchase and warranty cards

Company membership – for owners, press and government photographers

  1. Business Card or Company ID card
  2. Authorisation letter printed on company letterhead
  3. Copies of proof of purchase and warranty cards


  • Membership is free of charge
  • Technical support & advice
  • Free on the spot image sensor cleaning for registered equipment
  • Priority counter service
  • Repair service and technical support at our service centers globally
  • Service loan and limited evaluation loan
  • Priority repairs for registered equipment
  • Support for Nikon Professional Service members at major news and sport events
  • Pre-purchase product evaluation (subject to availability)
  • Invitations to new product launches, seminars & events
  • The latest news on Nikon product via email

Click here to read the eligibility criteria



  • Australian Open Tennis Melbourne
    January 14 - 28*
  • AIPP 'Hair of the Dog' Brisbane February 4 - 6**
  • Australian Formula 1 GP Melbourne
    March 15 - 18*
  • AIPP Sydney June 29 - 30

*Loan and service support from the media centre
**Lectures, discussions and workshops


  • AIPP Sydney June 29 - 30
To find out about all AIPP events click here


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