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'Australian for Life' - Interview with David Dare Parker

01 December, 2010 | My Nikon Life | Comments


As part of our partnership with Surf Life Saving this summer we have the ‘Australian for Life’ assignment. We want you to get out and capture what ‘Australian for Life’ means to you, for a chance to win one of seven great prizes. For more information, check out the assignment.

To give you a bit inspiration and get you started, we had a chat with David Dare Parker a freelance photojournalist and a Nikon ambassador who was happy to share his thoughts with us around how he defines his ‘Australian for Life’ moment.

Did you spend much time on the beach growing up? If yes, what do Surf Life Savers mean to you?

I did spend a lot of time on the beach, having been brought up on the Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria. Although to be honest, I was the kid sitting on a towel reading Skiing magazines, always wishing I was somewhere else. Surf Life Savers meant security, although the wearing of speedos in an era of boardies did mystify me a bit.

What would your favourite beach be in Australia?

Gunnamata Beach was a favorite surf spot for sure, although it could be a touch treacherous from memory.

If you had to select one of your photos that would best define your ‘Australian for Life Moment’ what would it be and why?

It just seemed VERY Australian too me. Hard working family, proud of being Australian— enjoying the things they like with the people they love.

Shane ‘POG’ Toole with partner Meaghan Kiely and their daughters Indy (baby) and Phoenix

What has been the most challenging photography job you have ever undertaken?

East Timor in 1999 when they had just cast their vote for independence from Indonesia and paid a terrible price for their bravery.

Is there a photographer who you most admire or who inspires you?

Many photographers have inspired me. Robert Capa, if I had to single out one it would have to be Robert Capa – “If your picture isn’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” One of the World’s greatest conflict photographers, and founding member of Magnum.

Who are some of the subjects or scenes that have you most enjoyed photographing over the years?

I lean more to news photography and world events. There is nothing like being able to witness history as it is revealing itself before your lens.

Enter: Australian for Life


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