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Australian for Life - Interview with Ambassador Marcus Bell

07 December, 2010 | My Nikon Life | Comments


‘Australian for Life’ is this summer’s competition in which we invite everyone who owns a camera to get out and capture the essence of ‘Australian for Life’.

There are no limitations – just be creative and find your own unique definition of what ‘Australian for Life’ means to you.

Marcus Bell has been named in the top 10 Wedding photographers in the world by BBC Television, and as a Nikon ambassador, was happy to take some time out to share his thoughts around what being ‘Australian for Life’ means to him.

Photography by Marcus Bell

Did you spend much time on the beach growing up? If yes, what do Surf Life Savers mean to you?

I grew up in Bexley, even in Primary school, after school I would catch the train to Cronulla with either my brother or with friends with our boards and go surfing. Life savers were always around and it was like having a big brother always looking out for you.

Photography by Marcus Bell

What would your favourite beach be in Australia?

I would have to say the beaches around Belongil next to Byron. Just pictures and peaceful.

If you had to select one of your photos that would best define your ‘Australian for Life Moment’ what would it be and why?

I think it would be an image of my three boys playing on Watego’s beach in Byron Bay. It’s a silhouette that shows a day at the beach of them playing with the life of the Australian beach lifestyle around them. It’s like the shadow reflects that one day they will all be grown up and have the Australian beach culture ingrained in them.

Photography by Marcus Bell

What has been one of the most challenging photography jobs that you have ever undertaken?

Photographing the Pantanal Cowboys in the heartland of Brazil. I was totally out of my element and way out of my comfort zone. The result was both a life changing experience personally and also photographically.

Photography by Marcus Bell

Is there a photographer who you most admire or who inspires you?

For me it’s an era of photography that captivated me the most, the early years of the Magnum Photo agency that documented the world with the likes of photographers Henri Cartier-Bresson and Elliott Erwitt.

Photography by Marcus Bell

Who are some of the subjects or scenes that have you most enjoyed photographing over the years?

Every on of my wedding clients and their families. They have enabled my photography to come to life.

Enter: Australian for Life


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