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Can you shoot a feature film entirely on Nikon DSLRs and Nikkor lenses?

Over the past few months, director Jim Lounsbury and producer Behren Schulz of Eponine Films have been testing Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses as they embark on shooting their feature film 'Love is Now' on Nikon for the big screen. At the 2013 Digital Show in Melbourne, they shared some of their findings at the Nikon School Theatre, and we filmed it so anyone who wasn't there can take advantage of some of the discoveries they have made so far.

Shane Burrell of Final Post also shares his thoughts on some key things DSLR Filmmakers should consider to get the best results in Post Production, such as: Workflow and data management, Camera Settings, Focus Issues, Exposure, ISO settings and more.

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COMING SOON: The first instalment of the 'Love is Now' making of series, following Eponine Films as they take on the creative and technical challenge of shooting a feature film exclusively on Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses.

A Feature Film Shot on a Nikon

Taking the Challenge

Nikon have partnered with Eponine Films on their latest feature film, Love is Now to see if it is possible to shoot a feature film exclusively on Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses.

We will share with you every step in the filmmaking process, from equipment testing and technical challenges to techniques developed to get the best results, right through to the release on the big screen – unscripted and delivered to you as it happens.

James Murray, Nikon Australia General Manager Sales and Marketing, invites you to join us on this journey where we will push the boundaries of imaging and optical technology in Nikon cameras and Nikkor lenses within the filmmaking arena.

Nikon Love is Now teaser video

About the Film

Love is Now is a story set in the world of photography. A film about overcoming the limitations in yourself, to see the world through new eyes... because what we see is what we are.

The Team

Jim Lounsbury

Jim Lounsbury

Jim is an award winning filmmaker who enjoys pushing creative boundaries across cinema, television, and digital content. Notable work includes the short film Early Checkout, starring Academy Award Nominee Jackie Weaver, which has played at over 20 festivals including Sundance, Palm Springs and Rochester, and the feature documentary The Aussie Who Baffled the World, which screened on National Geographic last year.

Behren Schulz

Behren Schulz

Behren launched Eponine Films with Jim Lounsbury to meet the need for quality entertainment across digital, television and cinema. Behren is committed to creating distinctive screen stories, and is always embracing new ways to bring those stories to the screen, and forging pathways for filmmakers to work in new ways... one of the reasons Behren was recently announced as one of Screen Producers Association of Australia's inaugural 'Ones to Watch'.

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Can you shoot a feature film entirely on Nikon DSLRs and Nikkor lenses?

What do you think? Can it be done?

Send us your questions and share your thoughts with the 'Love is Now' team as they put our gear to the test and share their insights with you along the way.