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My Nikon Life is an online photography community that caters for all photographers, whether you are a beginner, enthusiast or professional photographer.

My Nikon Life is about capturing unique moments via photography.

So whether you love snapping with a digital compact or live for capturing professional quality images with the latest DSLR, My Nikon Life will have something for you.

We hope you will love My Nikon Life and want to join in and share your photography.

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01 November, 2013 | My Nikon Life | Comments

2013 Nikon-Walkley Finalists and exhibition announced

Monday, 14th October saw simultaneous announcements in Melbourne & Sydney of The Finalists for the 2013 Nikon-Walkley Press Photography awards Finalist Categories. Read more

15 October, 2013 | My Nikon Life | Comments

Winners Announced for 'Elements' Assignment

After receiving some absolutely stunning entries to the ‘Elements’ photography assignment, we’re excited to announce our winners. In this photography assignment, we asked you to show us how you’ve captured the... Read more

03 May, 2013 | My Nikon Life | Comments

Announcing the Nikon Surf Photo & Movie of the Year 2013!

In partnership with Surfing Australia, we’re thrilled to reveal the winners of the 2013 Nikon Surf Photo & Movie of the Year. These awards are hotly contested by the cream of Australia’s surf... Read more

21 February, 2013 | My Nikon Life | Comments

Announcing the winner of 'I AM Stoked' 2012

As part of our partnership with Surfing Australia, we celebrated with our My Nikon Life photo assignment, ‘I AM Stoked’. We were looking for you to capture the essence of surfing – from the ecstatic... Read more

06 February, 2013 | My Nikon Life | Comments