Nikon 1 Accessories

Designed to work seamlessly with your camera, the Nikon 1 family
of accessories help you get the most out of your shooting.

LD-1000 LED light

Compact and stylish LED light that emits continuous illumination ideal for tabletop photography and movie recording at a close distance. Compatible with any Nikon 1 or COOLPIX camera that has a tripod socket.

  • LD-1000 LED light

N1-CL1 Close-up Adaptor

The N1-CL1 close-up adaptor allows you to get closer to your subject. Simply by attaching the N1-CL1, the minimum focus distance of your lens is shortened and you can capture subjects at a larger size. Plus, when using the N1-CL1, you'll enhance the effects of bokeh - helping you create gorgeous background blur.

This accessory is ideal for those who want to easily take close-up shots of flowers or for tabletop photography. It's light and small so you can carry it with you where-ever you are, plus it has a high-quality texture that matches 1 NIKKOR lenses - so you'll never be out of style.

  • N1-CL1 Close-up Adaptor

SB-N7 Speedlight - bounce light off the wall

Perfect for capturing portraits, the SB-N7 Speedlight can be rotated to bounce the flash off nearby walls for a softer, more natural shade of light on your subject. Available in black of white, this compact flash is the perfect accessory to your Nikon 1 V2.

  • SB-N7 Speedlight

F-Mount adapter - a world of possibilities

The best lenses lead to better images, and the F-mount adapter puts a whole host of world-class NIKKOR lenses at your disposal.4 From extreme wide-angles to super-telephoto lenses and more, the wider NIKKOR range offers limitless possibilities to match a lens to your shooting situation or experiment with new creative ideas.

Any NIKKOR lens you use will attach easily and securely to the F-mount adapter, and if you use AF-S and AF-I NIKKOR lenses you can still make full use of the incredible Nikon 1 autofocus system.4 Especially handy when filming.

  • F-Mount Adapter

The right light

The incredibly compact SB-N5 Speedlight flash is the ideal piece of kit to have at hand if you want to control the direction of light. Easily attached to the multi-accessory port on the Nikon 1 V1 camera,8 it can be rotated vertically or horizontally to bounce the flash off the ceiling or walls for natural-looking images with soft shadow.

Powered via the camera, it needs no batteries and boasts a capture illuminator LED light on the front of the unit to ensure steady light when using Motion Snapshot or Smart Photo Selector in the dark.

  • SB-N5 Speedlight

Tag your images

If you like to travel with your Nikon 1 V1, the tiny GP-N100 GPS unit is a great way to make sure you can always tag your images to the right location.

Designed to be especially compact, it attaches easily to the camera and automatically records location information such as latitude, longitude, altitude and time as ‘geotags’ in the image data (EXIF). It even boasts an A-GPS function for rapid start up.

  • GP-N100 GPS

Waterproof Case - WP-N1

Head out for an underwater adventure with the new WP-N1 Waterproof Housing - designed specifically for use with the Nikon 1 J1 with the 10-30mm lens. With the ability to reach depths of 40 metres plus simple and smooth switching between movies and stills, friends and family will be able to experience your underwater memories with you.

The WP-N1 comes with an easy-to-hold grip and when coupled with the optional YS-D1 Underwater Strobe by SEA & SEA SUNPACK you can enjoy underwater flash photography.

  • WP-N1 Waterproof Housing

Waterproof Case - WP-N2

Now your Nikon 1 can really go everywhere—even underwater! The compact and lightweight WP-N2 underwater housing transforms your Nikon 1 J3 (with 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6) into a powerful waterproof and underwater camera. Featuring an easy-to-use layout with instant access to all menu buttons allowing for all the same creative controls . Waterproof to a depth of 40m, you’ll be able to relive your adventures from the deep with the brilliant photos and HD videos only Nikon 1 can achieve.

  • WP-N2 Waterproof Housing

4 AF conditions. AF General: autofocus is available with compatible lenses, but the camera may not focus accurately due to differences between F-mount and I-mount systems. P mode: using P mode, which ensures accurate focusing, is recommended. A, S and M modes: when using these modes, the camera may not focus accurately, particularly at or near maximum aperture. M and A modes: please see an explanation of clarifying restrictions on functions and operation in the user’s manual.Enlargement of the monitor for focusing is not a default setting in M and A modes. Manual operation is required. Enlarged display is returned to normal display by manual operation or after a specific period of time. VR available, but the effect will be reduced by 1 stop.

8 Only compatible with the Nikon 1 V1.



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