Nikon are proud to be the product of choice for innovative photographers. Nikon Contributors continue to inspire by pushing the boundaries of creative photography – whether through emotive personal portraits, snapping fashions on the street or documenting epic voyages.

Nikon Contributors are out in the field constantly learning, experimenting and exploring as they show us new ways to look at the world through the camera lens. They check in frequently to share their work, which is also posted here in the My Nikon Life community.

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Joe McNally

'American Photo' calls Joe McNally one of the 100 Most Important People working in Photography today. He’s shot for all the biggies - LIFE, TIME and National Geographic to name just a few. His shots of the faces behind the 9/11 tragedy reveal a deep humanity and insight into the human condition.
See Joe McNally and some of his astonishing work here.

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David Adams

Over the last 17 years, David Adams has developed his reputation both through his reporting and the numerous documentary films that he has written, directed and produced. He is best known for his investigative work, particularly Journeys to the Ends of the Earth, a 13 part documentary series made for the Discovery Network.
Visit David’s profile and his documentary series.

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Christian Blanchard

Christian Blanchard is a freelance photographer and film director. Recently named by Capture Magazine as one of Australia's top ten, Blanchard's rising star has seen him shoot global campaigns for clients including Mimco, Amstel, Nobody Denim, Nintendo, L'Oreal Paris and Puma.
Visit Christian's profile and his features on My Nikon Life.

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Ben Southall

You may remember Ben as the winner of the Best Job in the World competition. Ben is now out on a new adventure - and a big one at that! He's aiming to kayak over 1600kms over four months across the Great Barrier Reef. As a Nikon Contributor he's going to be bringing some incredible images and videos from his adventure for us to enjoy.
Visit Ben's profile and his features on My Nikon Life.

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Kellie Schlecht

QLD girl taking on the snow, blizzards and sub zero temperatures. This year is my second season working as a snow reporter at Perisher. Being a Queensland girl, the cold weather has been a shock to the system but I couldn't think of a more beautiful place to live or take photos of.
Visit Kellie's profile and her features on My Nikon Life.



David Adams' Mystery of the Oxus 6 -Citadel- shot on the D7000

In this final installment of his documentary series shot on the D7000, join David Adams as he visits a remote desert archaeological dig and gathers clues to our cultural heritage. Read more

03 February, 2011 | David Adams | Comments

David Adams' Mystery of the Oxus 5 - Ancient River - shot on the D7000

Put yourself in the heart of a bustling Tehran marketplace to shop for supplies, before taking the D7000 off road with David Adams as he discovers the remnants of an ancient river. Read more

27 January, 2011 | David Adams | Comments

Christian Blanchard - Editorial Fashion Photography Course

Nikon School is excited to extend the current course offering with this new Editorial Fashion Photography Course created and presented by freelance photographer and film director Christian Blanchard Read more

24 January, 2011 | Christian Blanchard | Comments

David Adams' Mystery of the Oxus 4 - Radical Caspian - shot on the D7000

Join David Adams as he immerses himself in the modern, wealthy, vibrant metropolis of Tehran. See their journey unfold through the lens of the Nikon D7000. Read more

19 January, 2011 | David Adams | Comments

David Adams' Mystery of the Oxus 3 - Kurash - shot on the D7000

In this latest installment in David Adams' Mystery of the Oxus series, we see David use the new Nikon D7000 to capture the live action of the Kurash. Read more

14 January, 2011 | David Adams | Comments

David Adams' Mystery of the Oxus 2 - Secrets of the Nikon D7000

How do you prepare for the trip of a lifetime? In this installment, Nikon Professional Services team and David Adams review the equipment he will take on location. The Nikon D7000 features both high quality stills and... Read more

23 December, 2010 | David Adams | Comments

David Adams' Mystery of the Oxus 1 - The journey begins

In this first installment of the 6 part series, exclusively for My Nikon Life, we tap into what it is that drives David Adams to lead an expedition that has never been documented before. Read more

16 December, 2010 | David Adams | Comments

David Adams' Mystery of the Oxus 'Preview Promo'

Exclusively for My Nikon Life members, we're pleased to present a series of six documentary videos created using the Nikon D7000. David Adams, renowned photojournalist, explorer and documentary maker has taken the... Read more

16 December, 2010 | My Nikon Life | Comments