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Boost your HD movie quality: upgrade your D7000 firmware

31 January, 2011 | My Nikon Life | Comments


Nikon have developed new software for your D7000 to upgrade either ‘A firmware’ or ‘B firmware’ to the latest version: 1.01.

This will greatly enhance your Full HD video quality and ensure you get even more from the features of your Nikon D7000.

The new firmware version greatly reduces bright spots that may occur when recording a movie in dark light or of dark subjects. Bright spots may still be visible in the monitor while the camera is auto-focusing with the shutter-release button pressed halfway in life view mode. However, these bright spots will not be recorded with either still images or movies and are not visible in the monitor while the camera is auto-focussing during your movie creation.

If you are not sure whether the latest version is installed in your camera, check your set up menu for your firmware version.

For further instructions on how to upgrade your D7000 A or B firmware click here if you need a windows version.

A Mac version can be downloaded here.

Please note: If you don’t feel comfortable to update your D7000 software, visit your local Nikon camera store, where they can perform the update for you.


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