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Upgrade your D3100 firmware to take your photography experience to another level

31 January, 2011 | My Nikon Life | Comments


If you own a D3100, you may sometimes experience a slight magenta tint at the bottom of still images when you shoot in low light conditions using the live view mode or recording movies.

The latest firmware update for the D3100 addresses this issue, along with some others.

Nikon have developed new software for your D3100 to upgrade either ‘A firmware’ or ‘B firmware’ to the latest version: 1.01. This will improve your image quality and help you get even more from the features of your Nikon D3100.

The new firmware 1.01 means:

  • Large reduction of magenta tint occurrences

  • Steady focus point with every chosen mode

  • Images will be assigned to the date of capture

  • No need for a magenta cast when creating a white balance for RAW images

  • Significant Noise reduction, which is especially effective when shooting at high ISO sensitivities

If you are not sure whether the latest version is installed in your camera check your set up menu for your firmware version.

For further instructions on how to upgrade your D3100 A or B firmware with Windows click here.

A Mac version can be downloaded here.

Please note: If you don’t feel comfortable to update your D3100 software, visit your local Nikon camera store, where they can perform the update for you.


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