Nikon Australia has consistently acknowledged the outstanding work of top professional photographers from the Nikon-Walkley Award entries to the the Nikon Professional Services (NPS) members.

In 2009 seven of these photographers were selected to be Nikon Ambassadors based on their commitment to photography. From diverse backgrounds, the Ambassadors include wedding, sports, photojournalism, portraiture and movie stills photographers.

"Nikon Ambassadors live and breathe photography, they all share an addictive passion for creating magical images and, of course, they love Nikon products." said Nick Segger, Senior Marketing Manager at Nikon Australia. "The Ambassadors have been selected because they are experts, masters and innovators in their chosen field of photography. Their dedication and commitment to photography is not only Australian based but also respected globally. Our Ambassadors are dedicated Nikon users and leaders in their disciplines having been highly awarded and praised their services and contributions to the photographic community."

The Nikon Ambassadors inspire other photographers through their work and involvement at trade shows, product launches and photography seminars. They also feature in video tutorials on

Meet the photographers below and step inside their world of award-winning and stunning photography.

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Rocco Ancora

Rocco Ancora is a four times AIPP wedding photographer of the year and has also featured prominently in Wedding and Portrait Photographers International awards list. An additional accolade Rocco prizes is the Ilford Trophy for the highest scoring monochrome print in Australia, for 2007. Many of Rocco's images are classical and romantic, imbued with distinctive and evocative lighting, similar to that found in the wonderfully crafted movies from the 1940's and 50's. Rocco's images express an incredibly rich and vibrant insight into the emotions of love, humour and intimacy. View Rocco's profile

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Marcus Bell

Marcus Bell is a Triple Master of Photography as awarded by the AIPP. He has been named in the top 10 Wedding photographers in the world by BBC Television, is the author of "Master's Guide to Wedding Photography" published by Amherst Media NY in 2006 and is currently in the top ten photography best seller list. He is also the first photographer to be crowned the Australian wedding photographer of the year twice, in 2003 and 2005. Marcus's images have been published in more than 20 books in 50 countries and he has been featured in three photography documentaries. Furthermore, he is an active keynote speaker at world photography conventions and has conducted seminars and workshops in multiple countries around the globe. View Marcus' profile

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Jasin Boland

Jasin Boland is an Australian based motion picture stills photographer who's worked on such films as The Matrix, Ghost Rider, The Mummy, Mission Impossible and The Bourne films. Jasin's work has been used on movie posters, billboards, TV commercials, magazines and newspapers all around the world. After an early career in photojournalism, Jasin's motion picture career kicked off in small Australian TV shows and movie productions. He now works daily on big budget sets with Hollywood's A-List of motion picture studio's, producers, directors and actors. View Jasin's profile

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Delly Carr

Delly Carr has spent the last 22 years as a full time sports photographer. His company, Sportshoot was founded in 1987, and since then he has shot for some of the biggest clientele in Australian sport including Swimming Australia, Triathlon Australia, Cricket NSW, Sydney FC, Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, Kayak Australia, Volleyball Australia, NSWIS, and the Bradman Foundation. His commercial clientele list is just as impressive with brands such as Speedo, Gatorade, NAB, AMEX and Foxsports. Delly has also been privileged to have photographed the Summer Olympic Games since 2000, the Commonwealth Games since 1994, the Football World Cup in 2006, and coming soon, the Winter Olympic Games, 2010. View Delly's profile

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David Oliver

In 2007 David Oliver was awarded a Grand Master of Photography, one of only five in the world. The AIPP has also honoured David with the distinction of an AIPP Fellow in recognition of his extraordinary photographic achievements and commitment to the art of photography. Recognised worldwide for his individual and timeless style of photography, David has had commissions encompassing amazing locations all across the globe from medieval castles in Ireland to New York's Central Park. David's candid style reflects the true personality of each person at his weddings, creating beautiful and fond lasting memories. View David's profile

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David Dare Parker

A Nikon-Walkley Award winning photographer, David Dare Parker has photographed for a multitude of national and international magazines throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Australasia. Publications include LeMonde, Stern, L'Express, Focus, Australian Geographic, The Bulletin, The New York Times, Fortune and Time Australia. Whether photographing issue related stories such as HIV/AIDS, or Third World conflict, he aspires to capturing history in a fair, truthful and informative manner. David was one of the original co-founders of Reportage, is a Director of FotoFreo Photographic Festival and is also a Nikon-Walkley Advisory Board Member. View David's profile

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Mark Watson

Mark Watson is recognised as one of Australia's foremost adventure sports photographers. The challenge to create emotion in his imagery is what drives Mark to push the boundaries of conventional photography and hence his work is regularly published in outdoor and sporting magazines worldwide. With a client list that includes Red Bull, Treble Cone, Oakley, Speedo, Coca-Cola, Land Rover, Tourism Victoria, and The North Face, Mark is never short of creating breathtaking images once never thought possible. View Mark's profile